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Residential Leasing in Oman

The Residential Leasing Guide to Muscat, is designed to be a useful guide for new arrivals or current residents relocating homes.

We have endeavoured to answer some of the common questions expatriates ask when “house hunting”. The Guide also highlights some of the important practices particular to the local leasing market and attempts to introduce you to the various residential areas most favoured by expatriates.

To keep it simple, we have kept the technicalities and leasing terms to a minimum but our team will be pleased to provide greater details if you so require.

Before prospective tenants go “house hunting” they should realise that Muscat has no central listing of available properties. In addition, there are numerous “for rent” boards on homes throughout the city which often are placed by the Landlords themselves. To get the right home on the right terms, we do recommend that prospective tenants seek the help of professional and reliable estate agents to advise on this important part of your relocation to Muscat.

The Hamptons International Service

At Hamptons International, we know that initial groundwork is the most important step in finding you the right property. A preliminary meeting to discuss your exact requirements in terms of location choices, size and type of property, amenities required and budget parameters is the first step.

We will only show you properties that meet your requirements and never waste your time viewing flats when you want a villa or unfurnished accommodation when you need furnished. The type and quality of accommodation in Muscat varies greatly and it is often advantageous to conduct a preliminary inspection of property types for you to be able to narrow down your choice.

Backed by a comprehensive database of available properties, we are able to respond quickly to your needs. Our database covers a wide selection of properties in all areas that are currently available for rent in the city.

We will present you with a summary of available options and thereafter accompany you to visit the properties which have been inspected before your visit by Hamptons, irrespective of whether they are directly listed with us or not. Our residential team will always aim to have answers for your questions, having fully investigated the properties before you see them.

Once the choice is made, we will negotiate on your behalf with the Landlord to agree rent and other terms and thereafter prepare and complete all necessary lease and paperwork. Personal service is important to us at Hamptons and we will do our utmost to minimise the stress, often involved with moving, by assisting you to the best of our ability.

The Sultanate Of Oman

Oman is probably one of the safest and most comfortable countries in the world for expatriates to live and work in. With a population of just over 2 million, the country has a rich heritage and its hospitality is legendary. Yet Oman is a modern country and one which rewards its expatriate residents with a varied and exciting life style. Good schooling, medical facilities, shopping and leisure activities abound, especially for the out-door lovers. Most new guests of the Sultanate have few troubles adjusting to their new lifestyle and quickly come to regard Oman as “home”.

The capital area, Muscat, has a wide variety of housing options, from one-bedroom apartments in multi-occupied blocks to luxurious villas with gardens and compounds with swimming pools. The areas most favoured by relocating foreigners are:

  •   Shati Al Qurum 
  •   Al Qurum 
  •   Medinat Al Sultan Qaboos 
  •   Medinat Al Alam 
  •   Al Ghubra 
  •   Azaibah 
  •   Al Hail - Seeb

The Lease Agreement And Obligations

The entire leasing process in Muscat is governed by well-drafted legislation and the lease is usually prepared on a standard Ministry form. The standard lease, which can be modified in most cases if required, is normally for one year in length and obligations for general repair and maintenance remain with the landlord.

Rent is usually paid yearly in advance although it may be possible to agree with the landlord that six-month’s rent is paid upon signing of the lease and the remainder of the amount by post dated cheques. In most cases, no security deposit is required to be paid in addition to this rent.

Tenant’s obligations extend to paying for all utilities consumed and for general maintenance and upkeep of the property. Landlords are responsible for the upkeep of the properties structure and any major maintenance works and the lease agreement usually specifies that, at the time of taking possession, the Landlord will ensure that the house/apartment is in good condition.

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