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"Many thanks to Chris Allen and the Hamptons Mortgage Team in Dubai for arranging my recent mortgage. As a result of their expertise and involvement, I quickly went from a position of being unable to obtain a mortgage for the property type / location I was interested in to actually being offered a mortgage with my own bank, HSBC, who had initially turned down my application. As a non-resident in Dubai, the assistance provided by Hamptons was invaluable and no doubt the contributing factor in my succesful application."

- John Burn, Azerbaijan


“I would like to thank Hamptons Mortgages for their excellent service and help with my recent mortgage arrangement. I sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conducted business. I have recommended Hamptons International’s Mortgage services to others. My Hamptons Mortgage consultant was always attentive, informative and provided guidance. Thank you again, it has been a pleasure dealing with Hamptons International.”

- Dr Sarper Tanli, UAE


" wife and I were most fortunate to have secured a plot of land on some prime real estate in Dubai. However, as self-employed individuals we were finding it extremely difficult to acquire a mortgage. That was until Hamptons Mortgages stepped in and held our hand through the entire process, and secured for us the right option. We cannot thank them enough, but more to the point, Hamptons Mortgages cannot be recommended high enough."

- Charles Wright


"I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for helping sort out my mortgage in Dubai. My Hamptons Mortgage consultant helped me through a plethora of paperwork until the deal was done, which was more than I can say for my own efforts to secure a mortgage. Despite being an owner of my own business, it took me 6 months of work without me getting anywhere, but frustrated. I would be most happy to refer them to any of their clients.  I look forward to working with them again when I need funds to secure another mortgage."

- Mark Brown


"I would just like to write and thank my Hamptons Mortgage consultant for all their work and persistence in obtaining a mortgage on my 8 properties in Dubai.."

- Tony McMillan


"Hamptons Mortgages got me out of real hot water and sorted everything from beginning to end.  They are totally trustworthy, efficient and helpful. I live just outside London and have property in Dubai. By next year I want to buy a small villa in Dubai, and Hamptons Mortgages will handle all this for me"

- Anne Jirschitzka


"Hamptons Mortgage department arranged the type of mortgage we asked for and set up all the appointments so that when we arrived in Dubai it was as easy as it possibly can be! It's different to dealing with the lenders in the UK - the paperwork required is more extensive. Our stress levels would definitely have been even higher if we'd tried to do this on our own!"

- Helen McAinsh, Scotland


"Thank you very much for your assistance in applying and ultimately receiving a mortgage offer from a national bank. It is a complicated process and Hamptons Mortgages helped me at every stage. Their professional approach was excellent and they did far more than could be expected from a Mortgage Broker in the UK. I would be happy to recommend them as essential to anyone purchasing property in the UAE."

- James Dunne


"I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my mortgage case, having spent the best part of 3 months trying to obtain a mortgage myself, before being recommended to Hamptons Mortgages. I would definitely be recommending Hamptons International’s Mortgage service to others. "

- Kash Ija, UK


"Having attempted with much difficulty to navigate the process of attempting to secure a mortgage in Dubai by myself, I contacted Hamptons International. I found their service invaluable and extremely helpful. Hamptons Mortgages team went the extra mile each time and without having somebody on the ground in Dubai doing the leg work I think I would have given up. Suffice to say that eventually I did secure a mortgage. Thank you Hamptons."

- Andy Gates, Ireland


"While living in the U.S., I would not have been able to secure and complete the mortgage on my property in a prime location in Dubai without the support and help of Hamptons Mortgages. My Hamptons Mortgage consultant was available when I needed him, diligent in his follow-up and took some proactive measures to complete the process at the end. I look forward to keeping in touch and will recommend their service to anyone considering a mortgage in Dubai."

- Aftab, USA


"I would like to thank my Hamptons Mortgage consultant for her undeniable perseverance - which I must remind you is a critical requirement should one wish to acquire a loan through the national banking institutes - and also being  generous in the manner she handled the case by making so many detours to a local bank, demanding answers and moving the appropriate loan office in charge of my project."

- Alexander, USA


“I had to cope with my Landlord telling me I had to vacate the apartment I was renting because he was planning to sell it. Prices for rent were such that I had to consider buying the apartment I was renting from the Landlord. I was in a rush as the Landlord was putting pressure on me as other buyers were knocking at the door every day to visit the apartment.

When I started to feel depressed about the long process I would have to go through, I was advised by a friend to contact “Hamptons Mortgage Team”. I was given an appointment very quickly, and within 10 minutes my Hamptons Mortgage consultant could define the best solution (bank and rate) corresponding to my profile. His knowledge and experience of the market made the difference. When he simply offered to take care of all the administrative papers with the bank for me I just thought he was offering THE solution to avoid any more headache and stress regarding the deadline to complete the transaction. The only thing I had to do was answer his calls and bring him the requested documents. For a single expat in Dubai, this is priceless.”

- Caroline, UAE