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Short-Lets for Landlords

Have you considered offering your property to let on a short-term basis? You may be surprised by the return you could make.

What is a short-let?

Why should I short-let my property?

Who might my tenants be?

Much of the demand for short lets comes from corporate tenants who need a few months
accommodation while on secondment, or expatriates who need somewhere to live while they are
looking for a more permanent home.

These corporate tenants often use short-lets as a more convenient and cost effective alternative to
a hotel.

Over the summer months and the Christmas period, demand for holiday lets is high and some of
our clients choose to take advantage of this period and strong rental yields.

You may find particularly high demand if your property is in close proximity to a particular attraction,
such as a sporting venue, concert arena or theatre. People are often happy to pay over the odds
for short-term rentals in these areas. We will advise you on what level of return you could expect.

We also have a high demand from media companies who may short let a property to film
advertisements, television programmes or films.

In addition, many short-let tenants are looking for an interim solution which is often due to a
sudden change in their circumstances, such as an insurance claim or renovations to their
own home. These tenancies vary in length depending on the period of works but are
often extended beyond the initial term.

We also have an increasing demand from families looking for a property to purchase and want to
trial the area first and do not want to commit to a 6 - 12 month tenancy.

How do I let my property as a short-let?

Why instruct Hamptons to short-let your property?

If you are interested in how much your property may be worth for short-term rental please call us on
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