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Property Market Update

Inside Access Market Research

Inside Access provides a monthly update on residential market activity across the Hamptons International network.

Providing insights on the key issues shaping the current UK residential market, it is an invaluable tool to help inform our customers of the market conditions surrounding their residential property purchases.

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October/November 2012 

Knowns and Unknowns
Mixed signals continue to underpin any commentary on the performance of the residential market at the moment.

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Sept/October 2012 

The Run-in to Year End
Forecasting season is upon us, at least in terms of building up the rationale that forms our annual view of future house prices. Each year it is a hard job, but the ambiguity that frames the market this year is driving even greater uncertainty than in previous years.

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July/August 2012 

Where is Government’s Housing Strategy?
Although the markets across the Hamptons International network in the South of England have demonstrated a sustained resilience, the national level market appears to be headed towards another period of moderately falling prices.

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June/July 2012 

Market Defies Gloomy Backdrop
Ongoing Eurozone fiscal challenges continue to provide an unsettled backdrop to the UK’s economic fortunes. They are having a direct impact on demand for British goods and services on the continent and are also dragging on domestic consumer demand.

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May/June 2012 

Reading Between The Lines
The estimate of Q1 2012 GDP suggests the UK economy contracted by 0.3 per cent over the period. While this could be considered ‘flat’ by any standard, a dip on the back of another fall in Q4 2011 has pushed the UK into a technical recession.

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April/May 2012 

Spring Season Crucial for 2012 Market
The Spring housing market is always important, but there are extra reasons to make it count this year.

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March/April 2012 

Government Influence
Cautious optimism is the phrase of choice for economists and can be equally applied to housing market commentators.

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February/March 2012 

As Long As I Can See the Light
A curious thing happened in January. The market woke up; at least a bit. House prices across the UK began the year between around two per cent below the same level in 2010. At the same time transactions have languished at broadly half the level of a ‘normal’ market.

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January/February 2012 

Kickstart or Stalled Engine?
Looking ahead to 2012, the housing market dashboard is lit up with
warning lights. Activity is expected to remain at half the level of a
‘normal’ UK market, meaning that buyers will continue to be frustrated
by a lack of choice.

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November/December 2011 

It Will Be a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Given the appetite for housing market forecasts at this time of year, it was
no surprise that speculation regarding the likely length of this housing market cycle emerged in the press again this month.

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October/November 2011 

Islands in the Stream
Even the political party conference season, generally filled with good news
announcements, was overshadowed by difficult stories about the state of our economy.

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August/September 2011 

Economic Turbulence Continues
The volatility of the UK economy continues to plague demand in the wider
UK residential market, although higher value properties in London and the
South of England continue to trade well.

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July/August 2011

Market Divide Widening
In terms of market headlines June was a month of records. The first dip in
real earnings for 30 years, the largest drop in the number of unemployed
for over 10 years and record low mortgage rates.

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June/July 2011

Strong Activity, but Market Uncertainty Persists
In stark contrast to the gloomy commentary in the press, UK house prices
increased in five out of the past six months, including 0.3 percent in May
according to Nationwide. Leaving prices 1.2% behind the level in May 2010.

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May/June 2011

Interpreting a Restrained Housing Market
We are now well and truly into the Spring house buying season, typically
of the busier periods in the calendar year. There are already signs that
the warmer than usual weather has brought this forward;

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